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SAP End User Training
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SAP is a fully integrated business management system covering functional areas of an enterprise like Logistics, Production, Finance, Accounting, Sales and Human resources etc. It organizes and integrates Operation processes and information flows to make optimum use of resources such as human resource, material, money and machine. SAP is the global ERP leader that provides the premier fully integrated business solutions package that is multifaceted, which handles more than 37 different industries. ERP promises one database, one application and one user interface for the entire enterprise on a global scale. SAP system enhances a manufacturer ability to accurately schedule production, fully utilize capacity, reduce inventory, and meet promised shipping dates.

At Toronto College of Technology, we offer training courses on SAP Application / Functional Modules (SAP FI/CO, HR, MM, PP, SD etc.), Technical Modules (SAP ABAP, ABAP Workbench), Administration Modules (SAP Basis, Netweaver), SAP Analytics (SAP BI, BO?), and other SAP Business Suite Modules (SAP CRM, SCM, SEM, SRM...).


To implement such a complicated SAP ERP System itself is not the goal.

Rather, the goal is to enable the *End User*, people who actually use the SAP system to do their daily work after it's installed, to access the right information at the right time. It will help the business to save time and money whether it is a simple job, such as creating an invoice, generating a report, or a complex task like managing a large scale project. But the condition is if the end users are well trained with the system functionality. That is what we are good at!

Our well designed *SAP End User Training Program* plus experienced instructors will enable you to fully understand the system logic and functionality. The covered training content varies for each module. Overall, they are structured into the following four sequential parts:

1. Introduction to SAP ERP System Structure, logic and navigation

2. Master Data Creation and Maintenance (create, change, delete)

3. Transaction Execution (through both Manual Path and Transaction Codes)

4. Reporting and Information Analysis

Admission Requirements
The end user training is suitable to people who want to work in companies that use SAP ERP system. The admission requirements may vary depending on the modules. See different modules for requirements detail.

Learning Outcomes and Career Opportunities
SAP key User or end user in SAP Functional Modules

Note: The curriculum for this program is continually modified to reflect current trends. Students should refer to their student handbook for the curriculum they are required to complete.The program content and schedule also can be customized for personal or corporate training requirements. For more detail information, please fill out Request Form or call 416-225-9920.

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