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IP (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) Application Development Fast Track‏
Department ID : FT
Cost : n/a     Total Semester : n/a

This program is designed for students who are interested in iphone application development or want to become a mobile entrepreneur. Students will learn to write iPhone Applications using Objective-C and the Cocoa Touch framework. Topics we will cover include: Cocoa and Objective-C -- Foundations of Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch programming, iOS 4 Programming--Solutions & Examples for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apps, iPhone SDK Application Development, iPhone Programming From Xcode to App Store, iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and Programming iPhone Sensors--Augmented Reality and Location Enabled iPhone and iPad Apps. By the end of the program, students will have written their own native iPhone application.

Admission Requirements
Basic programming skills

Learning Outcomes and Career Opportunities
-Start using Objective-C by creating objects and learning memory management

-Become familiar with Apple's graphics frameworks, and learn how to make custom views with AppKit

-Develop location-aware applications with the Map Kit and Core Location APIs

-Create multitasking-aware apps that let users leave and return without losing their place

-Build and manage layers and transformations using Core Graphics and Quartz Core

-Handle network programming with the CFNetwork framework

-Add movie players to your application

-Solve typical problems while building a variety of challenging sample apps

-Use iPhone's accelerometer, proximity sensor, GPS, digital compass, and camera

-Learn how to make an existing website look and behave like an iPhone app

-Submit your applications to the App Store with Xcode

-Learn how to create sensor-aware apps that respond to a user's location

Note: The curriculum for this program is continually modified to reflect current trends. Students should refer to their student handbook for the curriculum they are required to complete.The program content and schedule also can be customized for personal or corporate training requirements. For more detail information, please fill out Request Form or call 416-225-9920.

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Course ID Course Name
IP105 iPhone Apps with HTML CSS and JavaScript
IP107 iOSApplication Development
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