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J2EE Architecture and patterns with WebSphere
Department ID : CORP
Cost : 2800.00     Total Semester : 5 days

J2EE is a collection of technologies specifically meant to aid development of enterprise class software applications. This course will help architects and senior developers devise a plan that other developers in the team can follow to develop robust, high performance, easy to maintain and secure applications. The material in this class covers the most critical areas of a mission critical application.

This course highlights best practices for J2EE application development with specialized suggestions for those deploying their applications on WebSphere

Total Duration: 5 days

Admission Requirements
Strong understanding of Java programming and web application programming.

Knowledge of the J2EE specification (at least EJB, JMS) is recommended.

Learning Outcomes and Career Opportunities
Apply J2EE best practices to your applications

Use a pattern language for effective communication with other J2EE programmers and architects

Know what not to do as much as what to do

Find performance bottlenecks and take corrective action

Write highly-maintainable applications

Note: The curriculum for this program is continually modified to reflect current trends. Students should refer to their student handbook for the curriculum they are required to complete.The program content and schedule also can be customized for personal or corporate training requirements. For more detail information, please fill out Request Form or call 416-225-9920.

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