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J2EE Security for E-Commerce
Department ID : CORP
Cost : 1800.00     Total Semester : 3 days

Security is of huge importance to the computing industry - the growth in e-commerce has brought the topic from the shadows of high-level specialists into the public eye. Nowadays breaches in security for B2C based e-tailers are big news, and damage not only the reputation of the individual organization, but also confidence in the industry as a whole.

Computer security covers a multitude of areas ranging from low-level operating system security to higher-level application security. This course concentrates on the latter, and will show you how to protect your applications with cryptography and the Java security model. Beginning with simple examples and clear descriptions of different cryptography approaches, such as symmetric and asymmetric encryption, the course will build in complexity, through consideration of public key infrastructure and SSL, to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for the enterprise Java developer. The course will cover all J2EE Security Topics including Security Roles, Web-Tier Security, EJB-Tier Security, Application Client-Tier Security, EIS-Tier Security, Propagating Security Identity, J2EE Users, Realms, and Groups, Setting Up a Server Certificate.

Total Duration: 3 days

Admission Requirements
--A university degree or college diploma in a computer-related field

--Several years of programming experience with C , Java or J2EE

--Additional testing / interviews may be required

Learning Outcomes and Career Opportunities
Explain the basic security model

Explain Cryptography, Authentication and Nonrepudiation, Access Control, Domains

Understand Java Security Architecture

Explain and implement Java Application Security Access Control

Understand Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, and Cryptology, Ciphers, Secret-Key Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography, Message Digests, Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates

Implement Secret-Key Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography, Message Digests, Digital Signatures, and Digital Certificates

Explain and implement SSL and JSSE, JAAS (The Java Authentication and Authorization Service

Explain CORBA Security (CORBA Security Overview, Authentication, Authorization, Encryption)

Explain Distributed Enterprise Security

Explain and implement Server-side Programming Security Issues (Interception of Session State Information, Forgery of Session State Information, Buffer Overflow, Data Validation, Page Sequencing, Session Timeout, Information Reporting, User Authentication, Logging of Sensitive Information)

Explain and implement Java Servlet and JSP Security

Explain and implement Enterprise JavaBeans Security

Note: The curriculum for this program is continually modified to reflect current trends. Students should refer to their student handbook for the curriculum they are required to complete.The program content and schedule also can be customized for personal or corporate training requirements. For more detail information, please fill out Request Form or call 416-225-9920.

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